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Long Curly Hair Care And Grooming Guide For Men

Long Curly Hair Care And Grooming Guide For Men

For the folks out there with curly hair, they know that it can be a lot to deal with, especially if you want to wear it a longer style. Plenty of guys keep their short hair cropped or buzzed even just to not have to deal with it! But, with the proper care and maintenance your hair can truly shine and be a topic of interest to those around you! Embrace the curl, don't be scared to read up, get some advice, or talk to your favorite barber or stylist about how you can achieve the look you are looking for.

Whether you are more of a battling-the-undead Jon Snow from Game Of Thrones kinda guy, or you are more along the lines of the more fine-tuned Timothée Chalamet hairdo; this advice will hopefully help you on your journey to embrace the curl! 

Clients walk into our Gregory's Barbershops very often, and we are sure they do at other shops as well, talking about their biggest problem regarding their curly hair. The question they always ask? "What do I do about this mess" or something along those lines! This is most likely a result of not knowing, or not receiving the proper education from their hairdresser or barbers. We here at Zorian Of New York are here to tackle some of these challenges, and guide you to curly hair success!

The first, and most important step is one that is offered across the board to most clients; whether they have curly hair, straight hair, or no hair! It is this: what type of products are you using? The first fact an individual serious about grooming must accept is that all products are not created equal. If you are using store bought products, they sometimes have a high content of alcohol and can be quite drying; this is especially problematic for curly hair. They also sometimes contain silicone, which give the illusion your hair is healthy and shiny, but the proof is not always in the pudding. You have to accept that to meet you hair goals, and have healthy, groomed hair—you need a good, solid, professional quality product that can clean, hydrate, and nourish your hair.

Our 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner is infused with natural ingredients including Eucalyptus, Peppermint Oil, and Tea Tree Oil. You can look forward to a cleansing product that will leave your scalp feeling refreshed and clean, and your hair will not be left weighed down like with most conditioners. This product is also sulfate and paraben free and will not strip your hair of it's natural oils. This product is an excellent choice for any hair texture, and works great for curly hair.

Many professional hairdressers and barbers may recommend that if you are rocking the longer curly locks, that you wash and condition your hair every second or third day. Now this isn't necessarily true for everybody, and if you like to give it a go everyday, you do you. The fact is over washing your curly hair may give you that dry puffiness that is caused by shampoo, but especially noticeable with curly hair. This isn't the case with all textures, and it is important to experiment and see what works best for you. Once again, if you are avoiding the store bought, drying shampoo, our 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner is infused with natural oils that are absorbed by your hair, alleviating that dryness that is sometimes found with mass-produced, commercial shampoos. So, it could be important to switch it up and see what you results are. Drop the dollar store bottle of shampoo, and invest in yourself.

By it's very nature curly hair makes natural oil have a more arduous journey from scalp to tip. This is the natural process that helps your hair feel soft with a natural shine. So, shampooing too often, or with too aggressive of a shampoo—being too drying for example—can leave your hair with that aforementioned puffiness or "poodleness" as we have heard it called. The natural oils in our 2-in-1 helps add that oil evenly throughout your hair, leaving your hair hydrated and healthy, without that puffiness.

Another question we often get is how to actually comb or brush curly hair after a shower. We strongly encourage a wide-tooth comb. These can be picked up in most retail stores, or beauty supply stores if you have one locally that is open for retail customers. If you choose to use a fine tooth comb, it can cause you headaches and tangles. If you have curly hair, you probably already know this! Try one like this instead—see below.

So, avoiding the puffiness, and looking like a poodle are pretty high up on the "to-do" list of those looking to rocking some sweet curly hair. Another big thing we hear sometimes is the person who likes to experiment with the blow dryer. Curly hair wearers beware! The blow dryer is highly likely to give you way too much volume and wildness. Best to avoid using it if we are being completely honest. Unless the Bob Ross look is what you are going for.

After you detangle, we recommend using a high-quality, cream based product like our Grooming Cream. Our Grooming Cream contains coconut and lavender oils, both of which help add the moisture needed to your hair and scalp. The vitamins in our mixture help strengthen your hair, and you will get a medium hold with a nice medium shine—not too much, not too little. Then a slick back, or a quick shake or scrunch, you are on your way to hair fame.

The important lesson is that we are all dealt the hand we are dealt! Curly hair may take a little more work sometimes, but the styles are very much worth it in the end! We have heard many straight-haired fellows wishing they had more texture in their so they could achieve a bit more style! Embrace the curl, and be sure to ask your hairdresser or barber for some excellent advice if needed!