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Grow It Out A Little For The Holiday!

Grow It Out A Little For The Holiday!

With that northeast winter about to go into full-swing, lots of gentleman coming into the shops are looking for options that don't require chopping off all their hair, or ditching the beard. As the gentleman with the beards and long hair know, that added insulation can be a big help during those cold nights. But, many fear the dangers of looking too unkempt. Maybe their corporate job bosses will be giving them that glare across the office. They don't want to offend the sensibilities of those who bare all in the cold winters only to half freeze to death. Thankfully, we are here with some pointers about the beard and your winter haircut.

We will start by mentioning you don't have to go full Paul Bunyon, or all out mountain man mode. You don't have to look like you've been living off the grid for a decade. There is balance to be found!

As for your beard, we know you have been preparing for this cold season. Maybe some stubble, or you have been trimming your neck and letting the cheeks grow out? Now of course the challenge that comes to a head is living with an epic beard, how to care for it, and all that. Thankfully if you check out this blog by clicking here, you can read some of our pointers. We recommend taming and grooming the beard so you don't go down the route of the dude who lives in the woods for half his life, and just straight up looks insane!

The most important thing of all that you can read in that earlier blog is keeping the beard well-groomed and clean. The bugs in the beard upon death story about Bob Marley, this is one we mention in our prior blog and has been joked about for ages. Even if not true, we don't want it to be the story of your life! So, read the beard blog and take care of that thing.

As for the hair, here are some popular styles, albeit they may not be for everyone, they are options that can also be modified or adapted for your particular look or style.

Okay! Here we go, the first one we will introduce you to is the man bun! We know that some frown upon this look, but it has been around for ages! It is still a super popular way for men to keep their hair longer, and keep it out of their face. It is great for gents who want to wear their hair back at work, but still have that “Thorness” about them after hours! Nothing says slamming a mead on new years even like a serious viking inspired man bun.

Shoulder length hair is also always a go to if you are looking for some length and warmth in the winter. You could also wear it a bit neater, with a part if you wanted. Shoulder length hair in general is a great way to get an edgier vibe without looking too wild or crazy. It brings a kind of carefree feel to your style, but can still be worn professionally at work and such. It can be a maintenance free look that doesn't require a visit to the barber as often, and is perfect for the individuals with natural texture and movement in their hair. Shoulder length hair with layers is also a great way to go for those who want that carefree look, but the ability to keep their hair looking sharp and groomed when they need it to be. Undercuts get asked about sometimes, and our advice is that undercuts are great if you want to remove bulk, but they are difficult regarding styling if you are trying to look “professional” or put together. The undercut is a super carefree look. So, we say maybe keep some length on the sides with layers, and then you are able to push everything back in a neat way when you need to.

As always do not be afraid to experiment, try something new, or just go a little wild (if that is what you want)! It is 2022, and it may be time to try something new! Your hair says a lot about you, and it is one of the first things people notice. If you find a cut in a magazine or in a social media post, save it, and show it to your hair professional! Give something a go! Why not? If you are, indeed, looking for something with less maintenance and warmth value this winter season then be sure to mention that to your barber or hairstylist as well. That two to four week appointment at the barbershop or salon, we may want to push that out a little and that is reason enough to grow it all out a little bit!


Whatever way you choose to go, we wish you the best on your hair journey, and in this new year! I think we all are hoping 2022 is a better year than 2021, but we shall see!