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Some Pointers For Your Grooming Regimen

Some Pointers For Your Grooming Regimen

Over the last decade, there has been a resurgence in the men's grooming industry. Many a gentleman has lent an ear to his father or grandfather, and heard their stories of the barbershop era. The time when men took pride in their looks. Before t-shirts, goofy hats, and ripped jeans. This era brings to mind the Don Draper of Mad Men, sitting down with Roger Sterling in the barbershop as Roger gets a manicure.

Now, we aren't here to convince you—as barbershop people—that you should visit the barbershop or the hair salon on a regular basis; but you should! Not only is it key in adopting a healthy lifestyle (more on this later) but it will make you feel good! Listen, if going to the barbershop or salon can help boost your confidence and self-esteem, we consider that vital to your mental and physical wellness! Look good, feel good, right?

Now, we know that you, nor us, are going to follow some crazy 20-step “lifestyle cleanse” or whatever the Instagram gurus are selling nowadays. If you are like us, and prefer to keep things simple, we will hopefully present here an ultimate simple guide on scheduling yourself sometime in the morning to take care of yourself. Maybe you are looking to upgrade your 'do-nothing' routine, or just want some advice; hopefully we can help!


Okay, so, do we really have to go here after all of our other blogs? Probably. Let's do it. Obviously, one of the most obvious things about a person is their hair. As we have talked about before, it is important to experiment with styles. Once you find one that you are digging for the time being, you have to maintain it. Go to the barbershop, go to the salon, get it right and keep it well-groomed and sharp looking. Two to four weeks is typically goo for the shorter/medium length looks, and you can go even longer if you keep it long. Don't let it get too crazy, because in-turn you will look crazy!


SHAVING! Okay, so whether you are a clean-shaven kind of dude, wear the stubble, or rock the full-on beard, it is important to shave your neck, cheekbone, or areas that need it! There are many ways to get the perfect shave, you may use a beard trimmer, straight razor, electric shaver, or whatever works for you! Always use a great shaving product (check out our product below) and also an alcohol free moisturizer afterwards.

BRUSH YOUR TEETH! This may be obvious. Your mom might've slapped you around if you had stinky breath, but if you are like some of our clients (sorry guys) you gotta make sure you get them teeth brushed. Twice a day is recommended, and flossing daily (especially between meals) is always helpful for not stinky breath! Work in a good mouthwash and you will well on your way to not gassing people out of your immediate area.


We want to share a few suggestions when it comes to your very manly grooming routine we are throwing together here. Washing your face should always be a part of your grooming routine. You should do it twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. This can be done in the shower of course. Doing this will make sure you have a fresh face, but also prevents you from getting pimples. They do sell cleansing brushes or scrubs if you are looking to really scrub off some grime.

Toning is optional, but in our opinion can make a huge difference in your skin. You can apply toners with cotton pads, and they help prevent impurities from penetrating your skin. This true purpose of toning is just to add some moisture back into the skin, and balance out the pH a bit.

Moisturizing is a great way to start off your day after your shave, or after the shower. This helps protect your skin from the sun, deliver antioxidants directly to your skin, and really just an essential process for nurturing your skins health and vitality. This basically creates a barrier between the pollution and your skin. It also helps with sun damage and reduce your chance of developing cancer in the future, since we all know, SPF is vital when you are out there getting roasted. If you suffer from dark circles or bags, night creams can be very helpful in reducing their appearance.

The final skin thing we will recommend is exfoliating. Once a week it is good to really get in there. Proper exfoliation removes the barrier of dead skin cells that really just piles up on your face, allowing your moisturizers and skin's natural oils to more evenly distribute. If you don't exfoliate the buildup of skin will result in excessive oil and clogged pores. You can usually buy exfoliating scrubs in the store, or you could always add a little corn meal or coffee grounds to your face wash or soap to get that exfoliation on a budget.

A few more things we really recommend are keeping your nails nice and clean. Now, this may be another “my mom told me taught me that when I was a kid” but hey, better to mention it than let you end up like this guy.

Get on the proper schedule, keep them things tame and clean. It is just one more piece of the grooming puzzle that really separates the men from the boys. And who likes ingrown nails?

Last but not least, get yourself a high quality, signature cologne. You have to apply your deodorant, so you should be applying a nice cologne to really finish it off.

Now, maybe you wont adopt all of these things on our list, but hey, it is a good place to start and we hope it helps!