Zorian of New York Shave Lotion

Zorian of New York Shaving Lotion

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Zorian of New York Shave Lotion. Infused with Aloe Vera and Shea Butter. Made in USA. Not Tested on Animals.

The shave lotion is a light semi-transparent lotion that is loaded with skin conditioner and mineral oil to soften the skin and help the razor glide easily. It comes in a bottle with an easy to use pump. The aloe helps to soothe the skin and the shea butter is an anti-inflammatory which helps to prevent razor burn. The lotion can be used as a stand-alone product or combined with the shave gel for even better results.

1. Apply an ample amount of shave lotion to the skin before shaving.
2. (Optional) Apply an ample amount of shave lotion on top of the shave gel before shaving.
3. Re-apply a smaller amount of shave lotion to the skin and shave a second time for a closer shave. You won™t need as much the second time. Some of the lotion from the first application will remain on the skin until you rinse it off.
4. Rinse off the lotion with cold water or a cold towel.
5. (Optional) Apply a small amount of the shave gel and gently massage completely into the skin as an aftershave moisturizer.