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Treat Your Beard To A Spa Day

Treat Your Beard To A Spa Day

If you are the kind of individual who happens to be blessed with a beard, you may or may not (but probably) have faced a dilemma that is absolutely existential: trimming the damn thing. Now, we know there is always the option of “going it alone” as they say, I guess if you are willing to admit to yourself you are not a professional then you probably are not a professional, but what do we know? Now, trimming your own beard, and your own hair, may be different things to most people, but still, instead of whipping out the scissors and razors and trying to make yourself a handsome masterpiece, why don't you treat your beard to a spa day at the barber. We are gonna chat here on a few reasons we believe you should sometimes (or every time) let your barber or hairdresser take a literal whack at the beard, and keep it nice and well-kept for you. We hope you enjoy these tips, and as always reach out to us with any questions or concerns!

Barbers are like, the all-knowing wizards of beards!

If you trim your beard once or twice a month, what you will do in a lifetime, barbers probably do in a month! Okay, maybe that is extreme, but still! Barbers have to trim and shave a lot of beards! If you are one of those guys who have tried to cut their own hair (haha!) please have it be known, sometimes it is best to leave it to the professionals. Your barber will have a perspective that is just impossible for you to have on your own damn self, so, if you want to treat you beard, give it this spa day! We take no issue with the at-home barber educated by YouTube, but sometimes, you just need a professional to do their thing! They went to barbering school or did an apprenticeship for a reason! Repetition leads to mastery!

Barbers know that all beards are different and unique!

We know this to be true, no two beards (or humans) are exactly alike! Even biological twins are a little different come on, we know that! Face shape, thickness of hair, waviness, straightness, curliness, etc. All of these variables the barber has come to know, and conquer! You can definitely do the research yourself, but realize (as mentioned above) your barber has done a ton of beard trims and shaves, so they are like Ryan Gosling in that movie—a true matchmaker, and king of men! Your barber has probably put in some serious time cutting heads and shaving beards, so you must give credit where credit is due!


Barbers got the beard health game down!

We all know beards have become a mainstay in style and culture, and they probably always were for most of human history. There was that brief period of corporate beardless coolness à la Don Draper, but mostly men have consistently worn beards throughout time. Nowadays we obviously see a plethora of options regarding oils, balms, washes, mousse (that's a funny one, right?), and all other kinds of things to rub in your beard. How can we navigate this world of products if products aren't really our thing? Well, here is where we let the experienced barber cut through all noise and nonsense to recommend something that is not only a great product, but tested and trialed by barbers themselves.

Back to the title of this blog! Your beard deserves a nice day at the spa just like you do! We all know a trip to the barber is usually an enjoyable experience, so why not extend this experience to include not only a nice haircut, but a beard trim as well! We have heard many customers talk about the reset they feel after a good relaxing experience at the barber! With the popularity and importance of the beard to many gentleman around the globe, there is no reason to indulge a little bit! Treat yourself as they say!