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The Hair Product You Didn't Know You Needed

The Hair Product You Didn't Know You Needed

We all know that every guy has a product on his bathroom shelf, in his medicine cabinet, under the sink, or wherever these things are stashed away inside his home. We also know that most guys like to keep their hair looking well-groomed, healthy, and they also like to be rocking a great style. All hair products attempt to do the same thing; to get your hair looking sharp, styled the way you want it, and they claim to keep your hair healthy—or so they all say! We will discuss this further now … the truth is … all products are not made equal. Some just happen to be purely junk—both in the way they work, and in the chemical madness that is put in a huge industrial pot, cooked up, and then put into some kind of container for you to dip into and then work through your hair and scalp. You know that time you read the ingredients of your favorite candy bar? We understand that some things used to cook up hair products may not be that pronunciation friendly; nonetheless, when there are literally 150 ingredients, we have a problem!

Basically, all men's hair grooming products have two main factors regarding how they work: hold and shine. Essentially this just means what kind of hold or "grip" do you want your product to have, and how shiny do you want it to be. Are you looking to reflect solar energy and burn a hole in something, or do you prefer a muted down, not so apparent attempt like "I put product in here but don't want people to really know" kind of look?

Another way to ask this question: are you looking for John Travolta's 'Danny Zuko' shine with a oil-based pomade? Or … 

Maybe you are you more into a side-part style, I just came off the battlefield without too much shine look—like Brad Pitt's 'Aldo Raine'? Well, the way you get either is all about choosing the right product.


Our clients love one product above all else. We don't want to brag or anything (because all of our products are popular) but our most popular product by far, that is an all around crowd pleaser, is our Grooming Cream. This product is truly a home run quality hitter, and all around magic maker. It works for a plethora of different styles, and packs a punch with a medium hold, and a medium shine—right in the middle! So, it works for plenty of different people, who wear plenty of different styles.

Now, let us make one thing clear: this isn't some made-to-order 'private label' mumbo jumbo with a fancy label smacked on it. We aren't trying to sell you some snake oil that other brands are putting their own label on too. This is the real deal. We worked tirelessly for years trying to find the perfect ingredients and fragrance for this product, and we think we knocked it out of the park. We can't say we are the only one tooting our horn, because the compliments come constantly for how well this product works, how well it smells, and how easy it's water-based formula washes out in the shower. Nobody likes shampooing their hair three times to get out some oil-based, orange-tinned products out of their hair. Sure, these products might be $1.99 at the big box store, but believe us, you will make up the difference in the amount of shampoo and conditioner you have to use to get your scalp right after all those shampoos!

Okay, back to the point here. As we mentioned earlier; lots of products have chemicals you don't even wanna know about mixed into their recipes. They cook them up in vats the size of small planets, and then they rub them all over animals and hope for the best before selling them to you at the big box stores. In turn, they are harsh on your scalp. Ours is gentle, and easy to wash out (just to drive the point home). We didn't spend time testing our products on animals, and having the cute little bunnies all lathered up in our stuff … we tested them on ourselves: humans (if that is what you can call us). It wasn't perfect in the beginning, but we made the proper adjustments, and over years came up with what we think is the perfect formula. Did we mention it is made right here in the USA, not in some far-off land? These products are first-class, and they are ready to work for you. Try one out, and we bet you'll be coming back for more.

As for ingredients—this is a popular question—our Grooming Cream contains coconut oil amongst others, which is well known as a great hydrator for your skin. This should make you happy because you don't have to worry about all the alcohol and weird chemicals that are probably meant for cars irritating your skin, or drying your scalp out. Coconut oil helps reduce inflammation, has been shown to have antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties; and also promotes wound healing, or so 'they' claim! Look at all this stuff if you want. Google it, Yahoo it, whatever. But the product speaks for itself. The proof is, indeed, in the pudding. Combined with the lavender oil, and essential vitamins; this product helps strengthen your hair, and keep it extremely healthy.

We could go on and on about this product. The best thing you can do? Check it out on our website because it really is the perfect product for so many different styles and clients.

Check out this video here where you can see some styling instructions and tips!