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How Much Men's Hair Product Should I Use?

How Much Men's Hair Product Should I Use?

Okay, okay, here we are, a question that comes up frequently, so we will touch on it today. The question? It is: how much product should I be using in my hair? More or likely, if you are like the average guy, you are using too much! Most guys use way too much and that brings us back to our talk of buildup and all that (more on this later). Have you heard the good news? Well, it is that you can use less! This is an amazing thing because not only will you be left with healthier hair for it, you will save coins, and look better!

We will basically lay down a ground rule here, that is a good jumping off point for all different people with all different styles of hair. Go for about a dime-size amount, regardless of what exact product you are using. This is a small enough amount that it won't break the bank, and allows you to add more if you need. It is always good to go a few days trying that small amount before you go up, just to see how your style wears through the day.

Some gents with more hair than others, or those who are looking for a more stiff look, may end up using a bit more than somebody with less hair, or that doesn't care too much if by 5:00pm their hair is getting a little lazy and not staying styled as it was earlier in the day.

Yes, a little more on that may be needed so let us clarify. More hair typically means more product needed. If you have extremely thick, coarse, or dense hair, it is very possible you may need some extra help controlling things. If a gentleman who happens to be losing a little bit up top, tries to use the same amount as another person with a full head of thick hair, this may leave him looking a bit weird and greasy up top. Use our baseline, and adjust from there!

We can take a quick detour to the shower here. Shampoo is also dependent on your hair, how thick or fine, and also how dirty it is! Go for a marble size amount and work up from there.

Conditioner is the same way! Use a very small amount because if you over-condition you are left with a greasy looking mop, and nobody has time to jump back in the shower for a redo because they used too much conditioner. Hat day anybody?

For shorter and medium length haircuts, regarding your hair product, application is very important! Start with our prescribed baseline amount—a dime size—and work it into your palms. Sometimes it is beneficial to work your hands together quickly to generate a little heat to soften products like clays and creams. Then apply the product directly to the roots of the hair. The roots are really where you can establish and gain control of the style's direction. If you apply a gel or cream to wet hair, try working it in the same way, and then combing it through your hair with a comb or brush. If you are styling damp, or dry, then use a little bit of the remaining product to tame the final look and take care of any flyaways or wispy hairs.

Back to the long hair! Long hair has its own set of rules! If you are applying product wet you may indeed need some more product than your shorter-haired contemporaries. For example, if you have very long hair and want it to tuck behind your ears, you will certainly need some more product than a surfer dude who just wants his hair to blow in the wind. You can still start with the baseline of the dime-size, and work up from there, don't get your hair too greasy because then we are back at the double shower morning routine situation which is not good.

Why, one may ask, is this whole "how much product should I use chat" important? Well, we have spoken before about buildup and how we want to avoid it at all costs. Nobody wants time to pass, and to be left with flakey hair, or layers of weird gunk on their scalp and hair! Thankfully our Zorian Of New York products are water-based and rinse out easily, but if you are using heavy wax products then buildup can be a concern, so tread lightly!

We hope that these tips are helpful, and as always, drop us a line if you feel that you have a specific question and we will do our best to help out. As always, speak to your confidant: your barber or hairdresser, if you do, indeed, have some more questions about your particular situation. Don't be afraid! Be bold!

We feel that if you follow these tips, and do some minor experimentation, you should be left with some seriously cool and classy hair, all while avoiding any issues of buildup or greasy looking hair. If you do have those issues, there are past blogs you can look up to find some help and tips for taking care of them. For now, we will leave you with this, we are thankful for our amazing community, and are humbled by the time you are taking to read this very blog!